ISFJ Careers

ISFJ Personality Careers

The altruistic nature of ISFJs makes them a wonderful personality trait to have in the workforce. Most ISFJs enjoy being at work and love being in roles that enable them to help others. No matter what career they pick, employers have the assurance that these are the most dependable people they have. By reading the article below, we hope that you can make a wise choice regarding your ISFJ Careers.

Studies show that women form a major part of the ISFJ personality type. Therefore, the roles that are most suitable for an ISFJ tend to have more women employed in the fields. It is no wonder that teachers, nurses and human resource executives comprise women more than men. Almost all jobs can accommodate this personality type because of their ability to dedicate themselves to any task. An ISFJ will go to any lengths to ensure work is done, even at the cost of their mental or physical health. However, some careers triumph others. This is because there is a two-way understanding between this personality person and the employer.

isfj personality career options

ISFJ Job Choices

This personality type is very meticulous at its work and so they go through the career graph without much turbulence. Their hard work keeps paying off at all levels. However, you will rarely find an ISFJ opting for managerial positions. They are shy about talking about their accomplishments and so getting into high-level roles is not something they aspire. Defender personalities feel best when they can do the work personally and see the results. This is what makes them happy and content.

Some ideal choices for an ISFJ with altruistic traits are counselors, child care, social worker, human resources, librarian, writers, etc. The important thing is that they do not wish to get involved in office politics.

Although the defender personality does not wish to be in a managerial position, he will still do a good job in it if thrust in such a place. They are also not quick in picking up abstract concepts. So, areas like academic research and corporate strategy aren’t best-suited to utilize the potential of an ISFJ. The clearer the picture, the better they can perform and contribute their best.

ISFJ Personality loves structure

The ISFJ personality loves jobs where there is a set process to follow. Ambiguity does not bode well for them. Therefore, roles, where ISFJs will get to execute something based on a process, is what they love. They are also a stickler for tradition. So jobs that work on traditionally set rules are made for them. ISFJs will find themselves out of place in areas where they will have to keep changing over time, even on a daily basis. Jobs not suitable include those that need people to break the rules and ignore tradition. Having a structure helps them efficiently completing tasks as well.

You will find ISFJs in roles behind the scenes such as a production assistant, technical support, office manager, etc. If an employer ends up changing a structure, especially without consulting the ISFJ in question, they can feel betrayed. The best solution for this is to inform them in advance. This gives them time to change their old processes and adapt to the new one.

Jobs ISFJ Personality types should avoid

The ISFJ personality can lend itself well to any job but there are certain roles that might not fit well with their innate nature. In order to excel in your career, an ISFJ should try and avoid some roles that do not make the best use of their traits or do not allow them to excel in the nature they have. If you thrust an ISFJ in an environment that is out of sync with their personal qualities, they may feel pressurized and stressed. This will have a negative impact not just on the outcome of the job but also on their health.

Some jobs are not particularly suited to this type, maybe because they require a high level of extrovert attitude or low sensitivity levels. Positions like a journalist, attorney, economist, copywriter, marketing manager, financial manager, market researcher, and insurance agent are ill-fit for the defender nature. Therefore, they would do better to avoid them.

Front-facing jobs are not the best ones for them like flight attendants, sales executives, tour guides and front-desk office executives.

The ISFJ will also avoid dynamic offices. Startups aren’t a good option because they require you to be on your edge and constantly changing your ideas, tactics, and styles. This frequency of change isn’t suitable for the ISFJ temperament that desires solid structures and processes.

ISFJ Career Preferences

Community and social service is the best place where you will tend to find ISFJs flocking. What appeals to them is the nature of this job where one can give service without asking for anything in return while also getting a heartfelt thanks. Another suitable area is the physical and social sciences such as environmental studies, agricultural studies, forest conservation, etc.

Medicine is another area that can accommodate ISFJ personalities well. Since this field is automatically one that commits oneself to the service of others, doctors and nurses are quite likely ISFJ personalities. Some other areas you can explore are medical assistant, pharmacist, optometrist, dentist, veterinarian, animal caretaker, etc.

Education is a smooth area of practice for ISFJ types. Positions this personality type can fill include teachers, principals, childcare centre directors and teaching assistants. The nurturing nature of ISFJs also makes them capable of being in the childcare and protective services.

Service-oriented careers are suited for ISFJ personalities. These areas can ensure they provide the best environment for the ISFJ to thrive. Alternatively, they also ensure that the ISFJ feels at home and puts his best foot forward for the cause of the company.

ISFJ Personality Type & Volunteering

Their selfless nature takes them to jobs that others may not consider doing without pay. Therefore, these people can be found volunteering in activities with enthusiasm. Many times, they will balance their lives with both a job and a volunteering activity either in their office or outside. Their concern is less with the pay they will get but rather how they can change someone else’s life or help them solve something.

Community shelters, natural disaster community help, school activities, CSR activities are options that are attractive to an ISFJ. They find themselves at peace in these jobs and these fields welcome them and all that they have to contribute selflessly.

The personality types love to learn. Therefore, perfect careers are where they can keep learning new things while also being given time to apply them.

Finding the right career choice is a tough task for many, even this personality type. ISFJs are kind people. They will work tirelessly until they make the other person happy. Good roles for them include those that ensure they get to participate in helping others. Another area is when they can see that their contribution has made an impact on the world. Roles that are more materialistic will not go down with their personality and end up giving them stress. Similarly, well-structured positions are better for an ISFJ. Therefore, in an organizational hierarchy, an ISFJ will be found in the lower to the middle rung of the structure and not too many on the top. Nevertheless, they are crucial to the smooth and peaceful functioning of any office.  

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