Story of Being ISFJ

We are a bunch of psychology enthusiasts who are hooked to the concept of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This website is dedicated to the type, ISFJ, which is the most popular and lovable kind of people. If you are an ISFJ or know someone who is, then you’ve landed in the right place!

But why should you be bothered about ISFJs in the first place? To start with, the purpose of MBTI is to help us gain insights into the various personality types. Aren’t we all craving to know someone better every day? Doesn’t it help if you know how to deal with someone in the best manner? That’s just what we want to help you with.

You could be an ISFJ yourself doing some soul-searching or your romantic interest is an ISFJ personality or your friend falls in this category. Whatever your reason, understanding this person’s personality traits will help you accept them and the way they behave and think. It also helps you to learn how to deal with them, which is especially important in the case of partners. Rather than fight someone’s nature, let us learn to embrace it.

Have you ever seen a vase being used as a drinking cup? Unusual, right? Sure, they both can contain liquid, one more than the other, but they both have their own purposes. Similarly, humans also have different traits and knowing this helps us in understanding why the person is the way they are and what we can do to make their lives better. What if your boss is an ISFJ type and you’re looking to speak with him about a performance appraisal? How can you understand him better to put your proposal in the best way? Or maybe your to-be spouse is an ISFJ. What is the best way to impress him or her? These are the type of questions this blog will help you find answers for.

With this philosophy in mind, this website aims to inform people about this special ISFJ type of people.

Go ahead and make the right choices! The future is all yours!

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Story of Being ISFJ
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