ISFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

The Defender Personality Strengths And Weaknesses

As ideal and nice as ISFJs are, they have their own set of ISFJ strengths and weaknesses that they need to think about carefully. In some cases, what are actually strengths for others are weaknesses for them and vice versa. Understanding areas they are good at and where they can improve, an ISFJ can hope to reduce his weaknesses and benefit from the strengths. This personality type has strengths that don’t come naturally to others.

By knowing these qualities, an ISFJ should aim to realize their inner unknown qualities and work on developing or changing them. Most of the ISFJ weaknesses can be clubbed under the single umbrella of the Sensing type. The strengths can most probably come under the bracket of the Feeling dominance in their personality type.

isfj personality type strengths and weaknesses

ISFJ Personality Strengths

  1. ISFJ personalities have the ability to identify the things that can make another person happy. They want to do things that can help others and this, in turn, helps them.
  2. ISFJ people have impeccable memory and can remember dates, events, names, etc. They can remember tiny details about events, both good and bad. So an ISFJ is able to give the right advice to people.
  3. A strong ISFJ trait is that they don’t ever let go of people as long as they keep trying. Even if they don’t reach the end line, you will stay with them. To you, it may just seem like the right thing to do. But this is a rare trait.
  4. They are hardworking and will ensure to do the job to its best no matter what. People tend to cherish their commitment to work and even become dependable on them. Work is only done when it is done with the highest quality.
  5. An ISFJ is able to express to the other person what he or she is really feeling.
  6. There is a sense of ease that others feel around an ISFJ.
  7. This personality type dislikes conflicts. If there is an issue with someone, they will sort out the differences by causing the least harm to both parties.
  8. Defenders are very supportive. They have the ability to empathize with people and always ensure others get some value out of them.
  9. These individuals will willingly volunteer themselves for a good cause. Making another person smile or be happy brings a big change to their own happiness and self-worth.
  10. Even if they have to do boring tasks, defenders will happy to do it. They don’t see it as a useless job as long as it adds some value to someone else’s life. They have a different viewpoint towards things that helps in maintaining relationships.

The ability of ISFJs enables them to look after their relationships and surroundings. They strive to create homely and safe environments. An ISFJ can respond to a situation in a way that is particularly needed at that moment. The best trait they possess is that they can find happiness in the simplest of things. This happiness could be one of the reasons why they constantly feel the urge to help others. They can find beautiful situations in the simplest moments of life.

ISFJ Personality Weaknesses

  1. The introverted nature of ISFJs is likely to cause some issues in their lives. They have a shy nature and won’t easily speak up. Because they won’t take credit for things, they may go unnoticed when it comes to rewards or promotions.
  2. They put others before themselves and this could mean that they may keep their thoughts low in order to look after others. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they are unable to do it without fear or anger.
  3. Defenders have a tough time separating their personal and professional lives. Any criticism in either part is most likely going to spill over into the other aspect.
  4. They set extremely high standards for themselves. Because of this, they tend to blame themselves or downplay their achievements or contribution if they believe they could have done something even minutely better. They tend to be too harsh on themselves.
  5. Since they place a high value on ethics, they will rarely entertain thoughts that won’t be correct or right.
  6. Sometimes, an ISFJ can come across as rigid or cold because of the principles they set for themselves and follow diligently. This could also lead to them being a little harsh with others in terms of following certain codes and procedures.
  7. Their soft side makes them a target for con men and those who want to take advantage of their strengths.
  8. An ISFJ is also not easy to budge. They hold their opinions strongly. It is possible they may react with anger or distress if someone else doesn’t agree to them.
  9. Defenders don’t accept change easily. They are too happy and content with the way things are progressing. It would take an adverse circumstance or the insistence of a loved one to change the course of action.

The weaknesses in an ISFJ are mainly due to the dominance of the Introverted and Sensing functions. Their introverted and sensing nature makes them gullible to these types of weaknesses. It is quite possible that an ISFJ may disregard the views of others and in such a case they may be closeted into a corner. A decent amount of extrovert nature is needed to balance and overcome these issues.

The ISFJ person tends to create their own picture of what the world looks like and do not like others intruding in this space. Their opinion is that any external influence in this regard is likely to hurt them and so they shut themselves in. If this goes to an extreme level, they will find that the only people around them will be the friends and family who know not to disturb this balance.

Making the most in terms of ISFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

The ISFJ needs to recognize that their view of things or perfectly created world will not crumble if they allow other views to come in. When they allow new perspectives, they will be able to get a better picture of their life. They need to learn to not disregard other people’s opinions and slowly let them express themselves.

Some ISFJs faced the challenge of having a negative view of life or having unrealistic ideas. This is due to a lack of extraverted feeling and excessive dependency on the introverted area. If someone is too busy, an ISFJ tends to think that the other person may not be interested in them. This needs to be reined in and changed.

The best way an ISFJ can make the most of his strengths is by working to create an environment that is beneficial for both themselves and others around them. Since they seek to get harmony and balance, they can bring out this feeling and show its benefits to others as well.

A defender can also control his weaknesses by realizing that things, in life, tend to go in ways you do not like. Conflict isn’t always a bad thing when it helps in growing your personality and understanding someone better.  These pointers may benefit some ISFJs and even others in knowing what ISFJ people really feel.

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