ISFJ Personality also Known as Defender Personality Conclusion

While reading the various traits of an ISFJ, you might have said to yourself “Hey! That’s so me!” or even “This is for sure Karen”. That would mean you’ve already identified yourself or someone around you as an ISFJ. It’s not hard to spot ISFJs around you. They’re caring, nurturing and defending personalities that bring empathy to situations.

ISFJ’s altruism is the best quality that everyone can see. This nature enables them to take control of their surroundings and ensure that everyone lives and grows in a safe environment. But sometimes, the defender’s nature can turn into a liability. They may view their good qualities in a positive light but it is an area of exploitation for others. This is something that an ISFJ must be aware of.

isfj personality type conclusion

Defenders have the peculiar aspect that their assets are also their weaknesses. This is an area they need to work on to improve themselves. The ISFJ personalities need to constantly be aware when they are being taken advantage of and try and stop it. If they don’t do this, they will end up bottling things inside.

ISFJ persons are the most considerate you will find out there. If you’re in trouble, you can count on them to help you out. Something bothering you? ISFJ to the rescue. Need to unburden yourself without being judged or having the fear of someone revealing it? Go to an ISFJ, everything you say is safe there.

But remember, if you’re working with an ISFJ, keep giving them positive feedback. They need this in order to work better and not be depressed about not being good enough. It’s important that you let them know their worth in your life.

Although ISFJs tend to be there for everyone, this can sometimes get emotionally draining. They won’t say things out loud and it is up to others to understand their inner feelings. So make sure you try to pick on the subtle cues. ISFJs have the trouble of neither being too articulate nor being able to hide their problems. Instead, they manifest themselves in ways that can be misunderstood by people such as a ‘sulking’ attitude. If you’ve been friends with a defender personality for a long time, you will be able to identify this pattern. But for those just getting to know someone, this can be a tricky phase they need to learn to understand.

We’ve come to the end of the journey of this personality type.  We hope that it helped you in understanding yourself or others around you, which was our motive. By knowing these traits, you will be able to consciously see yourself and others. If you are an ISFJ, you’ve surely already identified areas where you can improve. If you have an ISFJ friend, family member or partner, we hope this helped you understand them better for a deeper connection.

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